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Missing Addresses, Phone #s and Emails for some MBC in My.Scouting-> Council MBC listing report

I have discovered that we have multiple Merit Badge Counselors with missing information in the Council MBC Report Listing. (My.Scouting → Menu → Council → Roster → Reports → Council Merit Badge Counselor Listing).

There are 5 counselors missing addresses, 23 missing phone #s and 4 missing Emails. I have verified that those fields are populated correctly on ScoutNet. I did find that in many cases, they had multiple repeated instances of the same item. Last weekend I edited the ScoutNet records of all of them to remove the duplicate items and set the Primary flag appropriately. I checked this moring, Thursday, and the updated data has not pushed thru to the My.Scouting report.

Qestion: Where and how does My.Scouting get that information?
How can I force a push of the updated items thru to the source that My.Scouting.org is accessing?

Greg Buchanan


Post the BSA Member ID of a couple of these and we can look into the DBs to see if the information has been recorded.

Sorry. I meant to do that. Here are a few that I checked this AM.
12003584 - no address or phone #
12059868 - no address or phone #
134310719 - no phone #
12448607 - no phone #
104029891 - no email
131221643 - no email

As I mentioned earlier, I edited their ScoutNet record to remove any duplicate entries for the fields in question.

Thanks for your help.


I don’t have visibility of phone numbers but I checked the others. The results are below.

12003584 - Address in Scoutbook, Not Akela
12059868 - Address in Scoutbook, Not Akela
104029891 - e-mail in Scoutbook, Not Akela
131221643 - e-mail in Scoutbook, Not Akela

Your Council will need to get the data into Akela since this is the source of the data in the my.scouting MBC report.

I have Registrar capabilities. I enter new and renew existing registrations for Merit Badge Counselors via the MyBSA ScoutNet Program interface. I brought up each of the MIDs I listed in the ScoutNet Program screen, and verified their ScoutNet records included an Address record, marked as Primary. I re-saved their records just to make sure it would “stick”. I did that last Sunday, and again today.

So all of these folks have an address and email record in the ScoutNet registration data base. (I thought that was Akela, but apparently not.) Most also show an address in ScoutBook. However, when I pull the Council MBC list from My.Scouting.org, their address field is empty. So what am I missing about how to get that data to flow from the ScoutNet registration DB to Akela?



Thanks. Akela and ScoutNET (PAS) are two different databases with PAS eventually being retired. I’ll pass this your information on.

Look at the person profiles in the MyScouting Roster. I’ve seen many have addresses but no address is marked as primary/default. When you look at the reports, it is generally the primary/default so if there’s no primary/default it shows blank. So mark one as primary in those cases. It may need a day or two for sync processes, but that has addressed it when I’ve seen blank contact information.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, they are all marked as Primary on PAS/ScoutNet. The issue is how to get PAS/ScoutNet to push the address thru to Akela/Person data base. Many (but not all) had multiple addresses marked at Primary on PAS. I edited them on PAS last Sunday to remove the duplicate primary addresses. I also tried clearing and rechecking the Primary flag on the addresses in the PAS/ScoutNet address field. But the address has not pushed thru to Akela/Person.

Well, following Brantgurga’s suggestion, I tried editing one of the counselor’s records using the person profile in MyScouting Roster. (Didn’t know that capability existed. Thanks Brantgurga). I found that his address record was blank. I edited it there to add his address as primary. (Interestingly, when I started to add the address, it auto filled with the correct address. So it was in the record, but just hidden???) Thinking about this, it is another way to see and edit the data provided in the MyScouting Roster report. It confirms that the data was missing on MyScouting.

What I am trying to understand is why it did not push thru from the changes in PAS/ScoutNet? I thought that PAS/ScoutNet was the “authorative” source for registration data???


It may be there, but not marked as primary - which are the only records that will show on a report.

It did not show up in the boxes used to display the address. Both were blank. But when I started to enter the data, it seemed to auto fill the correct address. I completed it and marked it as Primary. But it didn’t show up in the two address boxes until I entered it. This implies that it was somehow in the record, but hidden? Since the interface has places to display mulitple, I don’t understand why it didn’t display before I started entering it.

My.Scouting → My Profile lets me edit/enter my address, phone # and Email items. Do changes made there ever get “pushed” over to Akela/Person and ScoutNet/PAS systems?

It seems that may not be the case. I have found more than 30 Merit Badge Counselors whose address/phone/email on the My.Scouting → Roster → Reports → Council MBC Listing do not match their records on ScoutNet/PAS.

As an experiment, I used the My.Scouting → My Profile screen to change my phone #. When I looked at the My.Scouting → MBC Listing, the phone number was not changed. Does that change take overnight to be effective?

How do we ensure that the address on record for our members are consistant between the various systems. Especially if users can change them on My.Scoutng, but they are not reflected back in our registration (PAS/ScoutNet) systems?


Synchronization between Akela and PAS only happens overnight. If you are lucky it might happen in 12 hours.

My understanding is that there are synchronization duration maxes as well so if there are sufficient changes in a day, it may be more than 1 night away to synchronize.

No badges listed for a MBC in the report.

The last report I looked at had no merit badges in the report for a few MBCs.

a. Does this mean that no badges have been approved?
b. Do the badge(s) also need to be set to “primary” to display?

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