Missing options as training chair

I am the unit training chair for 2 troops and a crew when i go to my.soutiong under the troops i see this


Under the crew I see this


No training manager

any thoughts??


At the risk of asking an obvious question, can one of the Key 3 for Crew 444 verify that you show up as Unit Training Chair in the OSM? Do you have another position in the crew that would allow you to see the Trained Leader Report and YPT Reports?

already checked in as training chair nothing else. Good question though!!!

Bummer…I’m fresh out of ideas, unless my.scouting has the same “glitch” that results in positions getting corrupted behind the scenes as we’ve seen in Scoutbook. I doubt it, though.

One includes the Member Manager, which sounds to me like that unit added you as a Key 3 Delegate. The other one is limited – did they designate you as Unit Training Chair in the Organization Security Manager (OSM) or only at Scoutbook? If you are designated as Unit Training Chair in the OSM in both units, then you should see the same things in the menu options.

i am designated as the unit training chair in both nothing else