Missing PayPal button

We have PayPal enabled for our unit. As an admin, I am able to see the button above a negative payment log balance. A new parent to our troop does not have this button available for his son’s negative balance.

There are a couple of issues. First, the father did not access Basile’s account.

Second, the father’s original my.scouting account had an error in the primary BSA ID. That is now fixed. The father should use his original my.scouting account credentials to log in to Scoutbook and click on Basile from his dashboard.

The father also created a second my.scouting account, in Basile’s name, but did not hyphenate the last name as is in Basile’s registration. He used the Google login for this account. This caused a new “empty” Scoutbook account to be created for Basile. He should not use this account.

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