PayPal Button not appearing in Adult Leader's My Payments Log

I have a ASM in our Troop who can’t access the PayPal link in his My Payments Log portion of his Scoutbook account. He can see the balance owed, but the PayPal button does not exist for him to pay the balance. I can see the button as a troop admin. Wondering what we are doing incorrectly. His BSA Member ID is 13680532 and SB User ID 11588912. He is signing into Scoutbook as he usually does and can see all the normal troop stuff. Any thoughts?

Just to be clear, this is a value less than 0.00?

Yes, it is a Negative balance ($110.00)

Here is a screenshot of what I see as admin:

Here is what he sees without PayPal button:

first guess is the screen is zommed in too much - what if they turn it horizontal

@GaryFeutz is that part of Extension?

No it is not part of the extension.

hard to test without paypal setup

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