Missing pre-loaded meetings for some adventures

I just setup my Tiger den meetings in the DLE. I chose weekly for the default setup, and it loaded the adventures. It skipped one week in October which is unusual but otherwise used every week. It loaded the adventures in a different order than the guide, so after starting one at tonight’s meeting, I had to reorder it all.

However, it didn’t load the right number of meetings for each adventure according to the Den Leader Guide. For example, it did load 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3 for Games Tigers Play. But for My Tiger Jungle and Team Tiger, it only loaded 1 meeting (with no number). For Tiger Bites and Tigers in the Wild, it only loaded 2 meetings. The guide says those are all spread in 3 meetings each. If I try to add a meeting, I only get elective options.

@CoreyChapman - my advice… stay away from the den leader experience. Save yourself the headache

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