Adding meetings when there are already pack meetings scheduled

My den used DLE last year pretty successfully. This year, when I logged in to add meetings, I saw the message “Finish setting up your den” but when I clicked on it, my den calendar repopulated with all the events from our Pack calendar and never showed me the option to create meetings. The only option I have is “Add Elective” but that tells me there are no electives available.

Is there an alternative way to add the DLE meetings that I’m missing?

Is it obvious that your den has been advanced to work on their new rank in DLE?

It is. I’m looking at three dens, a Tiger and a Wolf that match the new rank, and an AOL which doesn’t look different form Webelos but I’m assuming it is because it showed the “Finish the meeting schedule” messaging.

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 7.49.23 PM

When I first visited DLE, all three were “In progress” but they moved to “Active” just by looking at them.

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