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Mobile app on iPhone Calendar - Dates Wrong

The calendar on the mobile app displays events as though they are one day later. The calendar shows the ‘dot’ on the correct day the event is scheduled for, but selecting that day shows no event details. If you select the next day on the calendar (no dot), the event details for the previous day show up (with the correct date). For example, the 23rd shows no details, but when you select the 24th it shows the details for the event scheduled for the 23rd (including showing the date as the 23rd).

Mine is fine - what is your BSA # and we can hand it to Developers

It’s more than just mine. A parent brought it to my attention. My BSA # is: 132996551

What time zone are you in?

In order to meet the minimum character requirements of the board I am adding this very important sentence.

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