Calendar time / timezone issue

The event time/time zone issue reemerged for us last fall. Several times in the past few months other adult leaders have pulled out there phones to show me that the troop meeting or other events were showing differently than mine. Our phones were all on cell towers (not someone’s wifi) and all showed the same time.

Just had it happen again with a meeting series created for Committee Meetings.

I created an event for 6:30pm. It shows correctly on my PC and two IOS devices.
The CC and CoR both see the event starting at 7:30. They just sent me screen shots. The CC is on IOS. Not sure about the CoR.

We’re in Boise and Mountain time. We are far enough from and PT towers that we’re not getting thrown off. And, if we were, the meeting time would show at 5:30.


WIth iOS, you can have the time zone set automatically or override it. Since the time is showing correctly on the device, have the CC go to Settings → Calendar and make sure Time Zone Override is OFF or if on set to the correct time zone.

CC TimeZone Override was on for Boise. Turned it off. No change.
No VPN being used.

This happens when viewing on her IOS device and not a subscribed calendar item on google or other platform.

Same experience we had recently with multiple adults pulling out their phones and showing the wrong time. It was consistently showing the meeting an hour later than the correct time.

On the Edit Unit page in Scoutbook, is the Time Zone set correctly?

Yes. UTC - 7. No changes have been made there.

This isn’t affecting everyone, but enough people that I put the time in the subject line for non-standard events. Otherwise half the troop shows up an hour late.

I haven’t confirmed that everyone with issues is on one carrier. I’m on ATT and the CC is on Verizon. Neither were on wifi and had no VPN running, which I thought might have created ‘location by IP’ issues.

Try having the people who are seeing the wrong time change their device to Denver instead of Boise. In the past folks in ET could get theirs to work by setting it to New York.

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll give it a try.

Let me know either way. If that works, it gives us a clue about the underlying issue for IT to fix it.

I can confirm that this fall several of us pulled out phones at a meeting and at least two of the parents’ phones showed a different time, but their phone time was correct.

Committee meeting tonight. I’ll see if there’s anyone with time zone issues.

Understood on the phone times being right. The previous bug was that scoutbook wasn’t reading certain TZs correctly to apply the correct offset to display the event times on the device. In that case, it defaulted to displaying in Central Time which is how they are stored.

Had a couple of parents last night with the wrong time zone.
One was on iOS. Went into Setting > Date and Time. Time zone was set as Boise. Changed to Manual and entered Denver in the dialog box. Went back and set Time Zone to Auto.
Returned to Scoutbook (did not log out and back in), and revisited the event. Still showing late by an hour (which would be CT, instead of MT).

She just logged into SB this morning and confirms via screenshots that the meetings are showing at the correct time.

I’ll have to check with the CC today to see if, after going through these steps yesterday, her phone is reporting times correctly.

Ah, you stumbled upon something I should have mentioned. Logging off and back on is a good idea. I think SB figures out the offsets when you log in.

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