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Calendar on mobile not accurate

Mobile device (iPhone) is showing time zone one hour earlier than actual for events. Desktop version and reminder emails are correct. I have checked the unit settings to confirm both are Eastern. This is affecting all events both old and new, single and recurring.

Are you referring to when you look at the calendar directly on scoutbook.scouting.org from a mobile device?

What type of device and browser are you using?

I believe so. I am guessing Safari because I used the “Add to home screen” feature from the website.

Mine seem to be correct using iPhone/Safari. Could you try going directly to safari and typing scoutbook.scouting.org, rather than the Home Screen shortcut, to see if it changes anything?

Same result. one hour behind for all events. This is a new development in the last few weeks. Wondering if DST caused it?

Which TZ and state are you in?

It’s weird that it works on some devices but not others though.

Indiana, Eastern Time Zone. Yes, very strange.

Do you have DST in your part of Indiana? It’s possible that the app assumed your region used the same DST rules as the rest of Eastern time…

anything is possible. This is a new development. It occurred around the same time as the domain name change. I have been using SB for well over a year on my mobile device and have not had this issue.

What timezone is your mobile device set to? Is your device set to “set automatically”?

My son is a Scout in Indiana / Eastern Time Zone. For the past month or so, I cannot trust any of the times listed on anything auto published by Scoutbook.

As an example, my sons troop meets at 6 p.m. I’ve seen an e-mail reminder that the meeting is at 5 p.m. Central Time Zone. I’ve also seen a reminder for 7 p.m. Atlantic Time.

It’s the same thing when I look via the mobile app, or in my e-mail.

The only thing I can trust is to actually open Scoutbook, open the actual invitation, and read the description written by the author of the event.

This was never an issue, but since late last year, it has been an issue.

If I remember correctly, didn’t Scoutbook change something and we all had to go in and reset our access late last year? I’d bet that this clock time issue is tied back to that.

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