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Modify Relationship for Scout Connection

Remove Adult Leader Position from Relationship to Scout
Message: Hello Support,

I have several “adults” that are listed as “Adult Leader” within the “Relationship” section of the “Modify Connected Adult” screen for several scouts.

These adults are NOT leaders and should NOT be connected to the scouts - they are parents of other scouts. How can I correct this?


The only options for adult connections right now are:

  • Parent/Guardian
  • Other Family Member
  • Merit Badge Counselor
  • Adult Leader

There isn’t anything that you can do right now until another option is added for “other” adult connections. Despite the label, those other parents do not have any special leader options, unless they are listed as leaders on the unit roster pages.

If you don’t want them connected at all, you can go to your roster page and then connection manager. Clicking an adult’s name will allow you to change it for all scout’s other than their own kids and any in a den or unit for which they are an admin.

Hello @jacobfetzer, that’s the problem I have. I am unable to remove/change their permissions. I am a unit admin and I have refreshed my connection to all of the scouts, so I am not sure what the issue is… :frowning:

@JenniferOlinger, they are checked off as Adult Leader, but they are not leaders. That is what I need to change but cannot do it as the check boxes are grayed out.

If you look at the scout’s membership, do they have one and only one current membership entry?

Are you able to do everything else you should be able to do with these scout’s records?

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Are the Scouts where the Adult Leader boxes on the connections are grayed out dual registered? You cannot modify connections between leaders of another unit and Scouts in that other unit.

No, they are not duel registered.

I have had parents who were leaders for scouts during their cub scout years show up as adult leader connections to the scouts at the troop level (not in the troop leaders’ roster). Generally, however, I was able to break such connections in the past. Is it possible that the source of the “incorrect” leader connections?

@RyanBurke1 When you go to a Scout’s Membership page, do you see more than one unit under “Current Membership”?

Some scouts are duel registered while others are not.

Thank you and regards,
Ryan W. Burke

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