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I have a parent marked as adult leader to his scout, and he is not, he is just the parent. I am trying to marked off “Adult Leader” from modify connection section, and it is impossible. I have tried to do it in connections manager and nothing. How can I fix this? 35%20AM

Hi, @scouter_marisol,

Have you checked to see if the adult has a leadership role in his or her profile? Is the parent listed as a unit or subunit admin in Scoutbook?

It’s possible that the role is leftover from a previous unit, and the connection didn’t clear. In that case, you would have to email to request that the leader connection be broken, but that the parent connection remain intact. be sure to provide the information on the scout, the parent, and your unit so that they can address the correct connection issue.

There’s a ScoutUserID and UnitID listed in the URL when you go to the scout’s profile via My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → Scout’s name**ScoutUserID=#####**&**UnitID=####**

Similarly, there’s a ConnectionID that appears in the parent’s connection info when you click on the connection from the scout’s dashboard.**ConnectionID=#####**&UnitID=####&DenID=&PatrolID=

Include that information, along with the other typical identifying information, so that the support staff can make sure they’re working on the right connections.

Charley, he doesn’t have any leadership role in our pack, or listed as a unit or subunit admin, or had a leadership role in the past with other unit.
It is weird because he is not listed as adult leader to the other 2 kids he has in the pack, it’s just with one of his kids that I am having this issue.

Should I send an email to support then?

Thank you!

Yeah, sounds like support is your best bet. The grayed-out Adult Leader connection in my experience is associated with an Admin position of some sort, since those can’t be broken except after ending the admin position role for the connected adult.

Thank you so much! I sent an email to support.

Have a great day!

Can you check one other thing? On the scout’s page, click their membership. How many memberships are in the current memberships section?

Only one, our pack. This scout is new to scouting. The other 2 started as new last year. Thank you for the suggestion.

OK. Definitely send an email to support. That seems odd.

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