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Unable to remove Adult connection to a Scout

Have a leader whom was just moved to a Scoutmaster. However there is just one Scout whom he is connected to that I cannot remove the connection(Scout has aged out). There is no remove connection button like other adults or how he shows under other Scouts. The Adult was previously connected with view Adv. and Profile permissions only. The adult is showing Full Control under Connection Manager for all Scouts. Under this specific Scouts connections he shows up with full control but doesn’t have any connection type checked.


Try checking the adult leader connection type and clicking update.

That adult leader type is disabled/uncheckable at this time under all Scounts that I look at. It currently is unchecked for the Scout I am trying to remove the Connection to as well.

@DaveBuckley - must admit that I was following the process up to the third sentence. At that point the adult/adult(aged out) scout had me confused. Do you see the scout and can you see anything in the scout record ? Now the individual who is now scoutmaster what was their prior role to said scout ? I have had success with setting membership to unapproved and removing connections.

The scout has aged out and am trying to to remove connections to the adult leaders. The adult I am trying to remove is a newly appointed to scoutmaster with full control over all scouts in our unit.

Noticed that my own connection now is similiar for this Scout and other Scouts. I have full control but I am not able to delete even my own connection to some Scouts that are active or becoming inactive on our 2020 Charter

Connections between Scouts and Admins cannot be removed. The Scout’s Membership with the unit needs to be ended first.

I was at Step 5 from Scoutbook help that I noticed these issues.

The Scout is in the inactive patrol and was trying to remove connections.

It mentioned to remove admin connections but also something about step 10 but am not finding that in the help document.

I don’t think you’ll be able to end connections with other unit admins.

The way I’ve handled this in the past is by ending the scout’s membership (rather than waiting for recharter to process and do it “automatically”).

First, I make sure that at least one parent has connected to the scout’s account and has their login information for Scoutbook.

Once I know that a parent is connected, I remove all non-admin unit-related connections (leaders, parents with View Profile, etc) to the scout (i.e. using Connection Manager and the Feature Assistant Extension, click on the scout’s name and uncheck all of the connection types). Then, I open the scout’s Connections page in one browser tab and the scout’s Membership page in another. I put an end date on the scout’s membership with our unit on the Membership page. I swap to the browser tab with the Connections page open, and start ending all of the unit admin connections (which should now be severable since the unitmembership has ended). The last one I remove is my connection, which will boot me out of the Connections window. The scout is now a free-floating database entry, with the only connection via his or her parent.

I think that this still works.

As my learned colleague @CharleyHamilton notes I have worked a similar procedure. As I noted earlier I was able to remove some admin connections by disapproving membership but I could be wrong in my memory.

Actually all of this matches the scouting journey…that did not work, let me try this, well that sort of worked…how about this…

These aren’t other unit admins.

I’d suggest an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org

Charley - When you enter the end date on the Scouts membership page, do you click update prior to using Connection page? If I click update when I try to use the connections page, it kicks me back to the main login dashboard. If I just enter the date without clicking update, I can’t remove any existing admin connection since the Delete Connection button doesn’t appear(even including myself)

Have sent an email to support see if there is something wrong or user error.

Thanks for the guidance.

To be clear, I did not suggest asking support how to questions. You will get better advice here. I think this is something you cannot fix yourself.

You cannot end connections to Admins if the Scout has a current membership with that unit. This is a change, and the help guide needs to be updated to reflect the change.

Just to clarify, once I remove all non-admin/non-parent connections from a Scout, just putting in an end date to their membership in our unit, that will automatically remove the connections to our unit admins?

Otherwise am I still required to remove the admin connections after saving an end date? This is what I have been trying to do but either sounds like it can’t be done this way anymore or there is some issue preventing from using these steps.

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