Monday Night Delays

I am curious if others may be having issues on Mondays at 7-8pm EST inputting advancements in Scoutbook. For the last two months, I consistently get "Whoops. We encountered an error trying to process your request. "

With a pile of Scouts books sitting in front of me, I have my laptop up, my cell phone up, and two others with their cell phones trying to get updates in Scoutbook. The last two meetings we were 99% unsuccessful. Ultimately, I seem to be taking pictures and then doing them very late at night or another evening during the week vs during our meeting. Prior to two months ago I hadn’t had this experience.

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Majority of Troop Meetings are Monday and Tuesday nights - so there are bandwidth issues @KevinCobb

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I have reported this to BSA IT


No, you are not the only one.

It’s on the AWS cloud, correct? Scaling when you need to should be supported. @DonovanMcNeil

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Exactly my thoughts. I’ve been using Scoutbook on Monday’s for years now. It’s only been recent (last two months) and I’m wondering about scaling and if it’s been scaled down due to costs or if issues exist at the cloud provider and the application scale out/in.

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