Monthly (Day) Recurring Events is broken due to linked dates

When trying to create a recurring event using the “Monthly (Day)” option, IA Calendar reports an error that “The fromDate must be the first day of the month…” It appears that the End Date for the event and the End Date for the event recurrence are linked together … updating one automatically updates the other and they cannot be overwritten. Please fix this bug so that the IA Calendar can function correctly for recurring events.

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I have reported this to the developers.

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Is there any workaround to fix this issue? I’m getting the same error.

I tried manually entering the date using that YYYY-MM-DD format but even that doesn’t work.

@TomRhoades - create the repeating event in scoutbook in the interim using the feature assistant

Thanks! That works as a temporary fix, but with the Scoutbook calendar being decommissioned in November, it would seem like this should be a high priority bug for the developers to fix as well.

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@RobertCrawley - already noted to the dev team

@RobertCrawley It is

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