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More slots and better granularity on IA2 access

We are a large active troop and restricting IA2 to 3 Key3 Delegates and 1 Advancement Chair is putting a crimp in our style. Especially with the move of service and activity logs to IA2, that’s just not enough! (Blessed with a very active committee).
We have:
Rank Advancement - 1 chair plus 1 asst
Merit Badges - 1 chair
Service Hours - 1 chair
Camping - 1 chair plus 1 asst
and currently have 1 Rank Advancement outgoing chair who wants to show the new folks how it’s done so we’re out!

As they move more and more stuff over to scoutbook.scouting.org (aka IA2), we’re running out of slots. And I’m not thrilled that they all get everything - coming over from TroopMaster where you can fine-tune everything.

Expanding the roster of positions that can edit the activity logs in IA2 is on the improvement list.

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I don’t suppose that list is public is it?

The BSA does not make the development backlog public.


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