Moving a Cub Scout between Dens

The Reassign Scout(s) button on a den’s page and the Reassign Den button on a Cub Scout’s Membership page in ScoutBook no longer function. Rather, both now merely redirect to the pack roster page in Internet Advancement.

The article on Adding-Removing and Moving Scouts Between Units-Dens-Patrols in the ScoutBook Knowledge Base does not appear to have been updated since June 7, 2023. Likewise, the video on Moving a Scout or Scouts into or between Dens or Patrols does not appear to have been updated since April 8, 2019.

When I mouse over the kebab menu icon next to an individual Cub Scout’s den on the pack roster page in Internet Advancement, I see an Edit Den option. Has the den reassignment functionality been moved there?


We will let the help doc author know.

Yes, you can reassign Scouts via Edit Den.

@Bagheera the Edit Den in SB+ lets you

  1. Advance the Whole Den
  2. Move Scouts into the Den

I have the same question. I’m in SB+ on the roster page. I see an “Add Den” button, but I don’t see anything to edit a den. Where’s this button located?

If you click “Den” in Red Banner it organizes by Den

Then you see “Edit” for Each Den - The same is on each Scout with the 3 stacked dots

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Ah. Got it now. Thanks.

This new function is awfully glitchy still for me…does anyone still keep getting errors???

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