Multiple Calendar Events on Same Day

When viewing the Calendar you are unable to tell there are multiple events on the same day without clicking on the day or scrolling down through the event list. Very easy to over look events. Is there a way to mark days that have more than one event on the calendar view?

I agree this would be a nice feature to add.

The Feature Assistant Extension modifies the calendar display to add a “+” to the first calendar entry if there are multiples on a day. Here’s what it looks like for my calendar (you can see it on the entry “Mighty Ottawa District Roundtable”):

Thanks Steve. I have just recently heard of the Feature Assistant Extension and some of the things it can do which are helpful. If they can be done with the Extension does that mean that they will not be future permanent features of Scoutbook itself? I am not sure I want to ask all the parents of our pack to have to load a browser extension.

There’s not currently a public list of things that will/won’t be added to the base software. @GaryFeutz, the volunteer developer of the extension, has always billed it as a stop-gap while features are integrated into Scoutbook. That said, the BSA doesn’t publish what (or when) features will definitely make the cut for Scoutbook.

Not the answer you wanted, I’m sure, but it’s all the BSA is sharing at the moment.

Parents that are not leaders can use the Scouting app instead of the Scoutbook web page. It’s a little more user-friendly if you don’t need to manage advancement our update the calendar.

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