Multiple Member ID's

I am hoping SUAC can answer my questions about the records of a parent soon to be our Tiger Den Leader. He has multiple, out-of-council MIDs.

  • 131329030
  • 9817192
  • 13600605

I understand he can use the My.Scouting tool Manage Member ID to associate MIDs, if the name and birthday match on each account. Do they match?

I believe his multiple Scoutbook accounts were merged a few years ago when they joined our pack. Does he have only one Scoutbook account?

Thanks you for all your efforts to keep Scoutbook working for each of us!

first and last are from same council and match - Middle on from different council and has Middle initial - not sure if manage MID will work for all

He also has another BSA member number:

  • 136811779

I think this last one is associated with your council, although it does not have any registrations or training on it.

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