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Help Merge Accounts please

Hello! I have a brand new den leader who has wound up with two accounts. Please help us merge them. BSA numbers are:

137504996 - set up when applying for Tiger den leader for younger child
14036120 - set up as parent for this person’s Bear Scout

Thank you! Please let me know if there’s any further information you need.


Trisha Cheek
Pack 278 Committee Chair

I’d reach out to your council about merging the member numbers first as one has the den leader position and the other has the current Tiger adult partner position. If they can’t also merge the scoutbook accounts, we can help with that.

Hi Jacob!

Our council has merged the accounts on their end, but was unable to do so for Scoutbook. Could you help, please? Consolidated BSA number is now 137504996. Thanks so much!

Trisha Cheek

I merged the Scoutbook accounts and set my.scouting.org to have the surviving MID as primary.

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I have the same issue. Been trying to get help from council to no avail.
isn’t there a Scoutbook Help anymore?
I have a leader with two accounts, two BSA ID’s and cannot get in to his sons account.

We can help you here if you provide their BSA member numbers (no names).

I have a parent who has two accounts can you please combine the two accounts so he can access Scoutbook properly.

It should be this:

BSA Member ID : 132509322

Scoutbook User ID : 2024300

This is his multiple account info:

BSA ID: 137126286

Scoutbook ID : 12201985

He is the Parent of:

BSA ID : 131700350

Scoutbook ID : 2024197

Thank you for any help. I panicked when the old help address kicked it back.

Steve C

I will take a look at this

I’m having the same issue with my two Scouts, and Council directed me here. What’s strange is that after we moved, I saw on my dashboard my kids’ old accounts with no advancement history. We got to the new council and I was then able to see their advancement history again, still on their old accounts. Not long after, I saw 2 accounts for EACH kid, the old one, plus a new “empty” one containing no advancement history. Now I still see 2 accounts for each kid, but none of the accounts show advancement history. Additionally when “BSA Administrator” updated the new account, they went in and marked all previous ranks as completed, approved, and awarded on November 6. Obviously the dates are wrong, not to mention there are no details about the individual requirements being completed. This cycle has repeated itself several times over the last few months. How do I get my kids’ advancement details back? How do I merge the accounts? How do I prevent them from splitting again in the future? And how do I prevent the loss of advancement details again (assuming I get them back)? Oh, and who is “BSA Administrator”? No one locally seems to know anything about Scoutbook.

Scout #1:
Old Council number: 136448442
New Council number: 137486503

Scout #2:
Old Council number: 137104101
New Council number: 137486512

Thanks in advance.

@SteveMacCall-Carter I have merged the accounts, but I have also noticed that in different systems the email address sometimes has his middle initial and sometimes it doesn’t. Which is correct?

@BillieTriplett Which council are you currently in?

Thank you. I tried to make it work but I decided to stop instead of screwing it up more

email should be (removed)

@SteveMacCall-Carter Does this family have two other sons who are or were in scouting in a different council? Do you live relatively close to a council boundary?

@jacobfetzer I’m in Coastal Georgia; previously in Far East

@BillieTriplett These have been merged

@jacobfetzer YAY! Many thanks!

Sorry I wanted to double check before I answered yes he now only has one son in scouts (Troop 133 Chalfont PA Washington Crossing council #777

Hi, I have a parent who has two accounts also. Can you merge them please?

14018316 (keep this one please)

Cub Scout Pack 340 Deltona, Florida

@BrittanyLawliss this is fixed

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