Merge multiple accounts and IDs

I have held many positions in my unit but am now Cubmaster. I have multiple IDs assigned and depending on which one I choose in Manage IDs I get different permissions. This is even worse in Scoutbook, where on one ID I am technically a Pack Admin but on the other ID I’m a parent and den leader, and I get different connection abilities on each that makes it impossible to manage the pack. I would like one single account where I can do all the things I need to. Not even sure how this happened, as it was all working fine until our last recharter.

The two BSA member IDs are:
And in Scoutbook there is a third “Pending” account connected to the same email as this account, but I’d like that removed or merged as needed so it doesn’t get assigned improperly.

At the end of any merge I need to have proper access for the pack in both my.scouting and in scoutbook, and need to retain SB’s Pack Admin status which should still be on one. And I need to retain den admin status for the Webelos den.

Also, there is an issue with my wife’s account, as after Advancing her Bear den to Webelos it turned her into a scout member! I can’t figure out how to get her back as an adult leader in the pack. Her ID is 13520818 according to our my.scouting roster, but in scoutbook it shows her as having Venture experience which she does not have, so I’m concerned something really bad has happened there.

Hopeful that someone can figure this one out, it’s certainly beyond hope for me to correct!

Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged. You might need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

The reason you have 2 BSA member numbers is because you were given a second one when you registered as a Tiger Adult Partner.

Thank you so much! I finally can see all the things I need to and get some business taken care of :slight_smile: . I’m guessing that tiger number went mostly unused until they tied the new cubmaster designation to it, and that caused a chain reaction.

Appreciate the assistance so much!

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