Multiple places for entry of my.Scouting Username?

I went to edit my own Scoutbook profile tonight for the first time this year and after updating my bio, I was prompted that I had to complete the very first data field, “my.Scouting Username”. I thought this was odd since I knew there was a separate section called Switch SSO Profile. I picked my SSO name, but it wouldn’t save, so I came up with a new name. I went back into the profile, tried my original SSO name and it saved this time. Perhaps a minor glitch there.

The ultimate question is, why is there a place for my “my.Scouting username” in Edit Profile and Switch SSO Profile? Seems redundant. And, what’s the danger in someone listing two different usernames like I was able to do for a very short period tonight?

Thank you for reporting this. My guess is that it was missed when implementing SSO. I have reported it to development to fix.

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