Multiple Positions/Roles

Hi. I’m using scoutbook plus but not seeing all of the options I expect as the pack committee chair. When I look at my role in the upper right corner, it shows my position as den leader (which I am too) and that I have 4 other positions. How do I change the position that the system has me viewing as?

@AdamBull - you need to select it in the list

So, I thought SB+ relied on registered roles, not “Scoutbook assigned” roles. Are these roles for the same pack?

How do I select it in the list? If I hover over the item, it shows another info window with the other positions, but I am not able to click on them. I am trying to change my role in Pack 67 from Pack Admin to Committee Chairman.

@AdamBull - no those are information only. Your current selection includes those roles. You would not need committee member if you are registered as committee chair. Perhaps a conflict there.

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Pack Admin is granted to all Key 3 positions. You would not want to switch that. I did notice that Positions do not work well in the new Scoutbook+ and I had to use old Scoutbook to add, remove, edit positions of people in my roster, even that was clunky.

@RobertWiseman Position creation has not been programmed or worked in SB+ yet

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The odd thing about it is that the system chooses a different position to log me in as on different computers. On my home computer, I have the role of Den Admin for the pack. On my work computer, I have the Pack Admin role for the pack. I do not see a way for me to select which role I want.

@AdamBull it should take the highest role even if not listed

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Using the same computer, I logged in using Edge and the system selected Den Admin. On Chrome, it logged me in as Pack Admin.

@AdamBull - this is what I see - chrome session


this is firefox in an isolated session:


What it is doing is picking a position on a multi-position user instance.

If that is the case, why did it choose Committee Chairman for Troop 33 in both of your sessions?

@AdamBull - good question that I am not sure I know the answer. In all unit instances I am CC and %unit% admin. IT will sometimes pick my MBC role which literally gives me nothing. I did however set my default positions in scoutbook > my account > my positions to default CC role and my default unit in SB+ to the pack.

The system is supposed to aggregate all of your positions in the selected unit and give you the permissions of the highest role, even if a different role is displayed. The developers are investigating why this may not be happening.