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I am the Committee Chair (SB11943764 / BSA137340958). I have ten adult leaders in the pack. Of those ten, three of them do not have the option to add a position/role on their roster entry (SB10343017 / BSA136447523) (SB11840714 / BSA13821959) (SB10318044 / BSA13424981). I am still able to end their current roles, so I do not understand what the issue could be.

@KellySnyder1 - are they listed on the roster at my.scouting.org?

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Yes, they appear in the list along with all the other adults.

…and, if so, are the BSA IDs on the roster at my.scouting the same as the ones listed in Scoutbook?

I am sorry. This is my first year at this and I was pretty much just thrown in. I am still getting used to all the different web sites that BSA uses. How can I check their BSA IDs on my.scouting? Do I need to ask them to check them on their own and tell me?

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@KellySnyder1 - as soon as you bring up the roster in my.scouting.org it is the second column right after their name.

Specifically Name - Member ID - Role are the headers

Yes, the Member IDs match for all three of them between the two web sites.

@KellySnyder1 - that is a plus. Now what exactly are you trying to do with these three ? Oh and what role is listed in my.scouting.org for each of them.

#1 is Den Leader in my.scouting (Webelos Den Leader in Scoutbook)
#2 is Lion Guide in my.scouting (Tiger Den Leader in Scoutbook)
#3 is Committee Member(Trained) in my.scouting (Unit Treasurer in Scoutbook)

I was trying to make #2 into the assistant tiger den leader to make room for another den leader. But then I realized that it is not necessary because Scoutbook allows me to assign two den leaders to the tiger den. In fact, Scoutbook does not allow me to assign an assistant den leader to the tiger den (there is no such role in the drop-down list), so I do not currently need to make any changes.

Still, I would like to make sure everything is configured correctly in the system so that I can make changes in the future, when necessary.

Why do the roles in my.scouting not match the roles in Scoutbook? Do I need to manually update people’s profiles on BOTH web sites, not just on one?

The pack’s Chartered Org. Rep. (COR) or COR Delegate needs to change their registered positions, if this is what is desired. The COR can do this at my.scouting using the Position Manager (Roster → Position Manager).

So if the Lion Den Leader is really a Tiger Den Leader, then I would recommend having the COR change that at my.scouting using the Position Manager.

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Or make the correction with recharter if you are in the midst of that.

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Thanks, that was easier.

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