Multiple Scoutbook accounts and MIDs - Please Help

Hello - I am a Cub Scout leader and I am trying to clean up my Scoutbook accounts. Apparently, I have two accounts: my current one and an old one that is tied to my older scout. It also appears that I have two accounts and MIDs. I need some help in merging these accounts, or just deleting the old ones. Thank you!

@DanPowers1 if you post the MIDs we can take a look

Thank you.

Old MID - 14048273
Current MID - 134368504

@DanPowers1 these SB Users are merged

Thank you. Which login should I use? The current one?

your my.scouting credentials

Excellent. Thanks so much for your help.

I have a similar issue with a parent of one of my scouts. She has two Scoutbook accounts both connected to the scout in my unit. One of the accounts does not have a BSA ID associated with it, and the other does. Can the account without a BSA ID be deleted? The two account numbers are 11820874 (the one we want to retain) and 11772925. The correct BSA ID is 13807448. Thanks,

Dave VK

@DavidVankleeck This parent’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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