Need Help Merging Scout Accounts

I have a scout who left the program and came back. When they came back they registered as a new scout and now have two BSA numbers. We want to merge the accounts so the scout’s awards are available to view.

The previous BSA number is 13793757
The current one is 13785936

Thank you.

@SassyBear this is fixed

I’d suggest also contacting your council to merge the member numbers.

Great Thank you so much!

Yes, we tried this avenue first and were told they could not do it. We have been researching the best way to correct the issue. I appreciate the help in getting this resolved quickly.

I saw a page that there was a window of time on the new system (Registrar Tools) where merging wasn’t supported, but my understanding is that capability is there now.

Well these 2 MIDs have different names - so not sure what councils can do

That explains why they didn’t find the scout when they came back. The council should be able to correct the incorrect name. They usually want to keep the original one.

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