Need duplicate accounts merged

Hey there, I have a parent with two BSA numbers and two Scoutbook user IDs that I need merged - can someone help me out? Two accounts are BSA#12627722/userID 12084132 and BSA#13127722/userID 2612768.


I am working on this now.


This is fixed. I suggest asking the Council to merge the BSA Member IDs with 12627722 surviving.

The member should log in with his ID that is his not the one that is an e-mail address.

@edavignon can you please take a look at MID’s


@JohnGeiser that is fixed - they really need to use my.scouting credentials to log in which is {firstname}{lastname} all lowercase

@JohnGeiser position should update this afternoon - or you can add it

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you!

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