Multiple Scoutbook profiles

Good Morning, I am linked to two profiles within scoutbook. There is one digit missing from my email address in one of the profiles, I believe this is why there may be two profiles. How do I go about deleting one of the profiles? It is causing issues for my pack leader when he tries to link me to my leadership and dens.


@JonathanSykes1 is it 711 or 71?

My correct profile is linked to jonathansykes711

@JonathanSykes1 that is fixed BUT - you are not currently registered as an adult leader - so you cannot be a leader in Scoutbook - you need to register and take ypt

This year’s YPT was showing as complete attached to member #13413484

@JonathanSykes1 yes ypt is good - missed that - registration is the issue

Ok, and my den leader can take care of that, right:

@JonathanSykes1 no - you need to fill out an adult leader application - make sure you put the BSA # on the application

Ok, I’ll look into it. Thank you

@JonathanSykes1 Is your current council Green Mountain?

It is. We had issues with my profiles in 2020 when i moved from South Carolina to Vermont.

@JonathanSykes1 I sent you a private message.

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