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Adult leaders dropped from Scoutbook roster

Three leaders were dropped from Scoutbook after one of the recent updates.
They all have current registration in their respective unit.
They all have current YPT.

Does anyone have any insight as to why they were removed?

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Post their BSA Member IDs, nothing else, and we will investigate.


Thanks. I’m working on it.

Is fixed. The problem was he had 2 accounts, one with his nickname and one with his legal name. I have merged the accounts. He also has 2 BSA Member IDs. I recommend contacting the council to see if they can merge 13770724 into 136578166. If they can’t, he should log in to my.scouting.org and add 13770724 as a secondary ID.

Thank you. We have his accounts merged now.

I think the same happened with 5364312. I don’t see another ID for 13582722 though.


MID 13582722 is showing as a Den Admin and Assistant Den Leader. The account has never been logged in. I do not see a second account for this individual.

For MID 5364312 I suggest a unit admin remove the end dates from the ended positions. I only see one account for this leader.

What is needed to be done to get them back on the Scoutbook roster for their unit? I’m in contact with the unit admin. Does MID 13582722 just need to login and they will repopulate in the roster?

I’m having a similar issue after the last update.

I have access to Troop 13 records where my older son is, but not Pack 14, where I’m a den leader for my younger son.

I have multiple accounts, and probably multiple member ids. one of them is: 130808980

It’d be great to get back access to the pack 14 records.


@TimothyKucejko I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

I had 3 scouts get dropped from scoutbook the beginning of April. We got the kids back on the roster, but we are still missing the parents. There is not an end date on their membership ID. Help! TIA.

@JamieNeil if you post their BSA #'s we can take a look

This one has two numbers
133974682 and 13588759

@JamieNeil - none of these numbers (except the last) has any registration history - the last one has a history BUT has a 1986 YOB

I think these are all Parent BSA #s

Yes they are parents. I need them back on my roster. They all registered with our Pack. We lost theirs when we lost their kids, but we got the kids back and not the adults

ID 12092158 and 135721566

I have two ids. The council said they merged the accounts but when they did I was removed as a leader from scoutbook. My youth protection is associated with the 135#. They’ve been using the 120# as the official number so that’s where all the required trainings are. I show up on roster on scouting.org but not on scoutbook. I’ve been the main admin for the troop for about a year and I can’t see the roster for the troop currently while using the 120#.

Hi guys,

 Same issue here. I have an adult leader/committee member who had duplicate member ID's and lost access to them both. 

Member ID: 13656521

I also have lost my ability to access my Den. It looks as though the last update put and end date to my admin abilities. BSA 12993642

My group registered in February and got kicked out on April 2nd. That’s probably why there is no history. Sounds like there are many people that got kicked out. So how do we get them back?