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Scoutbook profile gone after transfer

I’ve searched some and can’t seem to find a solution. I emailed Scoutbook support twice over the last week and have received no response.

I recently transferred councils- from National Capital Area Council (DC area) to Patriots Path Council (NJ). Prior to NCAC, I was registered in Northern NJ Council.

In sum:
2013 (ish)- 2016 NNJC as a Den Leader
2016-2019 in NCAC as Pack Trainer, Webelos Den Leader, Venturing Advisor and Committee Member
2019 in Patriots Path as Unit Commissioner

My kids profiles transferred over without an issue. I never had a chance to end their memberships in NCAC troops, but they show in the new troops Scoutbook (or so I’m told). I am no longer linked to them at all.

I am aware that Scoutbook is a unit tool, so I wouldn’t expect to see the same things as Unit Commissioner. BUT, my profile is a mess after changing my primary registration to Patriots Path in My.Scouting.

It did not transfer any of my records whatsoever. I am no longer linked to my children, none of my past positions, awards, etc…are there. AND it shows me registered in NNJC. This despite the membership number being the correct number for Patriots Path. I tried connecting to my daughter via the invite sent by new SM, but Scoutbook says my email is associated with multiple accounts.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Well all the training is with old BSA #'s - my first suggestion would be to use the Switch SSO tool under your account

Thanks. Are you suggesting to switch back to my last registration number? And sign in that way? Then end memberships and transfer myself?

Well Adults are very different from Scouts in Scoutbook. Adults have Positions in Scoutbook. Scouts have memberships. Adult positions in SB are not necessarily tied to BSA#. I can type in I am a member of any unit in SB if I want just by adding the position under my account.

So yes I think I would type in old SSO and use that account then just add your new positions there. You should be attached to your scouts then

The thing that bothers me about this is that you can’t even see your connections to your own kids. I suspect a duplicate account was created for you along the way, and your login credentials were then associated with that.

Thanks. I will give that a try. I had thought that might be a path to a solution, but I was awaiting a response from Scoutbook support that has yet to be forthcoming.

Well, taking the advice here- rather than logging in with SSO, I was able to login in with my email and password. My Scoutbook profile still showed in NCAC, but I can see my children. Fortunately, their memberships look all correct and uncorrupted, so that’s a relief. As their registrations have been processed and show correctly in Patriots Path, I’ve terminated their memberships in NCAC.

Attempting to correct my profile is a different matter. I tried changing my council and entering my member ID. When I did so, it tells me that the member ID is associated with another account (presumably the Patriots Path registration) and that I should work with member care.

I suppose I’ll have to wait for member care to reply to my support request. Unless someone has another suggestion.

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