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Scoutbook leaders removed and unassociated with Scout

I have a scout parent who was removed and she is a registered leader.

I noticed she had two scout Id’s and how do we go about merging them. Here are the Scout ID’s I found in Scoutbook she has the following:

BSA Member no. 12439477 with user id 9994089 and

BSA Member no. 13126826 with user id 608422.

This are the same person.

I’ll look into this.

The first one is her registered position - the second one is the one she uses, but is not registered. I can merge them together. it would be best to use the my.scouting.org user name cspzhao to log in - does the user know that password? If so I can setup for that, otherwise I can set for the gmail she is currently logging in with @ManuelAlexandre

Actually, I already did merge them. She should be good now.

Donovan’s advice is good as well for future similar issues.

Thank you Bill and Donovan.


Hi I have a Web Leader/Mom with the same problem. She said went in and put them together. So I try to add her as a leader I get up pop-up of search and select a user. What does this mean . Im sorry I’m not great with conputers thanks

@PauletteLownsdale Please post the BSA member number of your Webelos leader / mom so we can investigate.

her number is 12999462, Laura .

@PauletteLownsdale - I have set an overnight Sync which should put her back on leader roster - then you will need to assign den

@PauletteLownsdale looking again she needs to start using her lniermann (username) and my.scouting.org password to log in - she has 2 BSA #s - 13162833 is the other - she can log into my.scouting.org > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY > Then go to Scoutbook.com and log in using your my.scouting.org credentials

Hi, I can access my Scoutbook, but for some reason am not able to see my son’s advancement activities. It shows I am linked to him but it does not show us as linked to our pack/den. Our scout leader is able to see his advancements and is keeping them up to date, but I don’t know why I can’t see them at all or anyone else in the pack/den.

@BrianMacfee I sent you a private message for more information.

@JenniferOlinger Thanks so much for getting this all sorted out and fixing so quickly!! Have a great night!


Brian Macfee

I had similar issue from an automatic update on 4/12/21 that removed my access as Den Leader. It seemed to be resulting from having 2 scoutbook accounts. My accounts appear to have been merged somewhat but the one I need to use now is still a bit off. The active account with my den leader access is username [username removed by moderator], Scoutbook BSA #137147917. The last issue I cannot sort out myself is correcting the email address associated with this account. Email address should be [e-mail removed by moderator] however I get an error message when I try to update saying “this email address is already in our system.” How can I get my email to associate with my active account?

@schendez This should be fixed for you now.

Make sure you log into Scoutbook with your my.scouting username and password.

It’s fixed and operating at full capacity! Thank you!!

Hello all. I believe I have been stricken with this same issue. I was a Webelos Den Leader for Pack 149, BSA# 13272298.

I do not believe I had 2 accounts, however. I still see my son’s achievements, and all my training and YPT certification is still associated with my account. I can just no longer login as a Den Leader to update achievements, or access the Scouts achievements in Scoutbook at all really. When someone from the Pack tried to go in and “invite” me again, the site stated it cannot find my account.

@BrianKirkley under this name and MID - I see no Registrations for leader position. A Unit Key 3 can look at Roster at my.scouting.org to see if you are registered as a leader and under what BSA # it is

Thanks Donovan, I have reached out to my Pack Committee an relayed your suggestion… hopefully that fixes things. However, in my “Past Positions” you can see that I was the Webelos Den Leader up until 4/12, then removed with this verbiage, “Ended by SB-2882 clean up script that was run Apr 12 2021 11:20PM”

So with that knowledge, do you still think they will be able to successfully add me back, or is there some larger discrepancy between Council and Pack registration that caused my leader status in SB to be revoked, that should be addressed first?

Generally, that message means that the system thinks you don’t have a registered position. However, it can also mean a mismatch between the BSA ID/person record associated with your current Scoutbook account and the ones associated with your registered position.

Reaching out to verify your information on the official roster is a good first step.