Multiple Supernova Awards, Outdoor Activity Awards

I have a 4th grader who joined in September 2019.

They can see the following supernova requirements:

The Wolf and Bear Award, 2018 requirements
The Webelos Award: pre-2018 requirements
The current 2018 Webelos requirements.

I can see how you might include the wolf/bear requirements but they were not a Webelos Scout until 2019. Why is requirements they never could have earned the award under showing?

Same thing for the outdoor activity award for Webelos. They can’t earn this award under the 2010 requirements so why does it show as an option? They also can see the same awards for Tiger through Bear, none of which they could ever have earned under the 2010 requirements. A Webelos Scout today joined in 2016 at the farthest back.

A current 2nd year Webelos Scout would have joined in 2015 and been the very first year on the new program as a Tiger. There could be some age exemptions that come into play for disabilities.

Scoutbook supports old versions of awards for historical purposes.

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