Outdoor Activity Award - Webelos/AOL

Hello - trying to figure out how to handle entering this in SB -

  1. Scout is an AOL. He did not go to Day Camp/Resident Camp as a Webelo - but completed Webelos Walkabout. He DID go to Resident camp this summer as an AOL but the “adventure required” for Outdoor Activity Award as an AOL is “Into the Wild.” On the Outdoor Activity Award section of SB - it is reflecting Webelos Walkabout as “credit” toward the Outdoor Activity Award - I don’t see how to remove it from there and replace it with “Into the Wild” so he can get credit as an AOL.

  2. I have another Scout who has earned both Shooting Sports and Outdoor Activity both years (Webelos and AOL). I don’t see any way of updating his record to reflect the AOL level of those two awards. We are planning to give him the blue/gold paw print pin from Jones Award to signify “second time earning the award” but is there anything I can do to make his record correct in SB?

@EricaReed1 - first question to ask is if these scouts are in webelos dens ? Is the webelos Into The Wild approved ? And is its date prior to Walkabout ? And a pet peeve of mine is that the scouts are WEBELOS not webelo.

Yes to both. They are both AOL Scouts now and both earned the outdoor activity award in the last week. One earned the outdoor activity award last year as a Webelos. One did not. They both earned webelo’s walkabout as a part of the Webelos curriculum. They are now AOLs and I need to give them both credit for that award under the AOL criteria. But I do not see how to do that since one already has it marked off and the other has the adventure from last year appearing in the adventure segment for this year’s award

@EricaReed1 - so based on this it only goes up to webelos

Huh… I swear somewhere I copied and pasted a list of requirements into our brochure They included AOL with into the wild as the activity for that. How strange… Now I can’t find that original source. Grr

@EricaReed1 - if your source was anything other than a BSA site then all bets are off.

I have no idea. Been using it for 4 years now. (Just the first year we have finally had AOLS)

@EricaReed1 - well the Webelos program is 18 months…and there are no AOL dens in scoutbook or cub scouts itself.

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