Multiple User IDs Problems

Hi there! I’m a volunteer supporting two different units in two different councils and a parent with youth in both councils. While everything worked smoothly in Scoutbook for years (i.e., I could do admin activities in both units and also monitor both of my children all from one SB login), earlier this year some sort of automated process identified that I was accessing units in one council with a member ID issued by another council, and broke almost all my Scoutbook functionality.

The advice I got was to create a second user ID associated with the second council (with that council’s member number, etc.) and to just switch between the two user ID as needed. So, now I have morinj and morinjm as my user IDs. Things basically worked for the last several months.

Unfortunately, just this week something else seems to have gone haywire. Both of my logins now point to the same member number and hence the same council, so I’ve lost access to one unit altogether. Additionally, neither of my own kids are shown on my Scoutbook homepage, the email attached to both profiles now shows as “,” and most of the other data in my profile has disappeared (the records of all my non-current volunteer positions over the last decade, OA information, bio writeup for Scoutbook, etc.).

I have a few thoughts about how to work around this, like re-associating the second council user ID in the my.scoutiing manage member ID tool, but I’m afraid that poking around is going to break things more or result in losing data. Any advice from back-end experts here?


I’d suggest using manage member ID in my.scouting to change the primary number on one.

Thanks, Jacob. I switched my secondary Scoutbook login (the one I had created to be associated with Baltimore Area Council) back to the BAC member ID. That did recover my profile and other information – and it again displays both kids and both my Baltimore and National Capital area units on one page. So it sounds like my kids got associated with my newer member ID for some reason. Strangely, I’m now shown twice on the roster of the National Capital unit, once with each of my member IDs, and only the newer (Baltimore) member ID has all my previous positions shown. This is all very strange, but I will leave it alone for now, since it seems to be functional!

Yeah, the systems aren’t really set up for being in two councils. So, it probably is best to not mess with it if it’s working. You may have weird issues every year at recharter. I’m not sure if there’s a good way to prevent them. Doesn’t seem like it.

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