Multiple Adult BSA Member IDs / Child Link Issue

I had a previous BSA Member ID from my own activity as a youth, with my original council in my home state and linked to being an Eagle Scout. I now live in a different state as an adult and linked that ID to my son when he joined Cub Scouts last year. Everything has been working well.

This week, I submitted an application to be an adult leader in his pack, and that seems to have generated a new member ID for the current council we’re a part of. I’m assuming that is normal because they are two different councils. However, now when I login to the “Scouting” app, I get an error. If I switch my “primary ID” through the web to my old ID with the council I was with as a youth, I can login to the app and see my son’s information. What’s odd is that I can login to Scoutbook on the website without issue, and I can see everything in his profile (advancements, activity logs, etc.) without issue.

Why would the app not work unless I switch primary ID, but the website does? Do I need to re-link my son using the current council member ID, or perhaps I should wait until my application review is complete?

@CoreyChapman let me look at this for you

OK on the new BSA # there is no Scoutbook user - that is the issue. Your Application has not been processed yet, was it an online app or a paper app? Did you include your BSA# on it?
I can switch your MID (BSA#) on the Scoutbook Account, but just wondering if your council is going to make yet another BSA # with the application

I did not use a paper application - I applied online 3 days ago. As instructed by my pack, I used to find our pack, and I clicked Apply Now. It asked if I was an adult or youth. I clicked Start on the adult page, and it had me login to my account, then sucked in my personal info. That account was linked to my old (as a youth) council’s member ID. After I finished my application, I noticed that I now had a new member ID with the council for this current pack.

I don’t want to lose my old records from the old council from my youth, and I wasn’t sure if I needed to wait for the application review to take place? Or is it as simple as unlinking my son and re-linking him, now that the new/current council’s member ID set as my primary?

It’ s just unusual that ScoutBook through the website works fine with the current council member ID as primary, but the iOS app does not let me login unless I switch to the old council Member ID as the primary. It seems like a system issue that it is not consistent. If it helps, I received an automated email today that I need to take YPT and make sure it’s linked to my current member ID. I took that training 4 days ago right before I applied, and if I download the certificate it has the current council Member ID on it. That further added to my confusion.

My BSA Member ID from youth activity’s council: 110342933
My BSA Member ID from application with current council: 140379027 (set as the “primary” ID)
My Son’s BSA Member ID: 14370865

Well first make sure your unit knows you entered an application so they can approve it - usually I can see hanging registrations - I am guessing the unit has not seen it yet. - Manage Member ID - both MIDs are there and you do not need to mess with primary - you want Primary always to be your current registration.
The app I would log out and tell it to forget the Data (there is some option like that). Then log in with current MID

I couldn’t find an option to clear the data…but strangely I tried to login again and got it to work. It showed my name to choose who I was logging in as, but I selected “other account,” then put in the same username and password. I did this several times before over the past 3 days, so I am not sure why it worked just now. There was a message on one of the screens about logging in with a different member ID, but there is not actually a box for member ID on the login screen - only username.

I’m still baffled as to the automated YPT email today, since I took it before I applied. Why would it seem as though it thinks I didn’t take it when my account properly shows the completion and active training?
I’ll reach out to the Cubmaster to make sure he knows my application is there, although I know he’s watching closely in the system for new scout registrations this week.

Well the CM is not involved - it is the Charter Rep that needs to approve you

Ok, thanks. The status says “Pending action by BSA” so I was not aware who was responsible for the next step. I don’t want to be impatient, so maybe I need to wait a bit before emailing the Chartered Organization Rep.

It could be stuck in the CBC too - been a while sense I followed an adult app through process

Duplicate parent for child.

Keep registered adult BSA ID 13607675.
BSA ID 137334454 is not needed.

@brucep that is fixed - I recommend that They contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up the children. When they look up the children, they want to check children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that children are connected to parent with Only the correct BSA member ID number

I’m seeming to have the same exact issue in that I have 2 ID numbers; one from when I was a scout an another for as an adult leader in my son’s pack. The scenario is almost the same as the OP though i was able to link the 2 numbers in

One other difference was that I filled out a paper application last year and it too a very long time to work out the kinks and to grant me access to Scoutbook. Now that the Pack has merged the 2 dens into 1, i am back with the same issue of having no access to the Den’s admin permissions for advancement. YPT is up to date and my youth number is 4204357 while my adult leader number is 14762546. Thank you!

@DavidRusser this should be fixed now - a pack admin might need to update your Den admin to fix connections - I recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up your children. When they look up your children, they want to check your children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that your children are connected to you as parent with Only your correct BSA member ID number 14762546

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