Two accounts

We have a Troop Committee member who is also a Scout Parent. She has 2 “BSA Member #:” and 2 “UserID:”

They need to be combined because they are under the same email address and Scoutbook will not allow any edits to either account

BSA Member #: 13253048
UserID: 2486709

BSA Member #: 12489895
UserID: 9813360

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This will be fixed - user needs to use their login not email to login to scoutbook

I have a similar problem. I had multiple Member ID’s and was told to delete the “bad” one in my profile at my.scouting. I did that but now my scoutbook is messed up. I can’t see anyone by myself and don’t have access to the troop. Our scoutmaster says on his end I have access to everything and when he looks at my profile it has my old member ID and User ID. When I log into Scoutbook, it shows the correct Member ID listed, but it seems I’m not synced up with my troop? Any ideas?

Correct Member ID 137008129
User ID 12348595

Former IDs that were deleted but are showing up for the scoutmaster- Member ID 130676974, User ID 8499277

@AdrienneVonderhaar this is fixed - 137008129 is not deleted only council can do that

Thank you! I spoke to council when they told me to delete it. I think I’m good now. Appreciate the quick fix!

I also have two accounts. One connected to our old council (Daniel Webster) and our current council (National Area). My name is spelled wrong in one account and my YPT was completed in the wrong account. I have two scouts in BSA, but can only see one. Can these two accounts be merged with the proper spelling of my name (Toulotte), under the correct council (National), include my YTP and include both my scouts?

Member #s 136028412 and 137183643


You need to contact the Council where your name is misspelled to have this fixed.

To have your training tracked under one BSA Member ID, log in to, use Manage Member ID in the upper left under Menu and add your old BSA Member ID as secondary.

It stated the other day that two users were using my email. today i have no boys in my troop and lost all access to my sons.


I’ll look into this for you

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I see you last logged in to Scoutbook at 9:07 AM Central today. Your account is connected to 3 Scouts with first initial B, D and G as Parent/Guardian.

You are listed as a Merit Badge Counselor, Troop admin for T100B, and Scoutmaster for T100G.

When you click on My Dashboard in Scoutbook is the Administration section expanded? If not, click on it to expand it and you should see all of the details. If it is, we will need to do more investigation.


I did find a 2nd BSA Member ID for you from 2015 when one of your children was a Tiger. Because the name did not match exactly with your other registration, the system was not able to match it up. This generated a 2nd Scoutbook account but that is not causing the issue you are seeing.

I have merged the SB accounts and added the 2015 MID to your ID as a secondary number.

yes. it drops down and allows access to all of my girls from my girl troop including my daughter the D as my child. but it still shows 0 scouts in my boy troop and my sons B & G are showing 0% as rank when they are already life scouts.


Both of your son’s registrations expired on 12/31/21. Troop 100B’s recharter is listed as On Hold. A Key 3 member will need to contact your Council to find out why the recharter has not been processed. The Scouts will reappear in Scoutbook 24-48 hours after the recharter is processed.

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This morning, I started seeing this error (“…another user is using the same email address”). I don’t know why, because I’m the only one who should be. I do have two member IDs (134875679 for Circle Ten and 110229351 from Atlanta Area Council), but I haven’t been active under the Atlanta account in several years. Can you possibly help me understand why eplossl@gmail (my email) shows up this way? Incidentally, for some unknown reason, all the leaders in my troop (293B in Anna, TX) who have also signed up as MB counselors are currently showing as expired, even though I think all of us have current YPT and registrations for counseling.

Not sure what steps you took that showed them as expired. I would search their names in the Scoutbook MB Counselor List from My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → MB Counselor List to see if they show up there. The MBC positions that used to show up under unit rosters were expired en masse when the councils began managing MBCs in Scoutbook some time back. If they show up in the MB Counselor list, however, they’re current from the council’s perspective. If not, it’s worth reaching out to either the individuals or the council to find out why. Could be multiple BSA IDs, could be expired grace period on the recharter, errors in council registration…

Individuals can also check their own registration status by going to their My Profile at to see what their registered positions (and expiration dates) are. The council may still be waiting on unit recharters to be finished before they can process the council-level recharter.

That’s actually exactly how I looked them up. When I go to my own profile, it shows me as expired as of the end of the year last year, even though I had responded to the person at District who handles the renewals. Plus we just submitted new merit badges to add to the list, and they were there a little bit ago, but I now don’t show up in the MBC list at all.

The expiration in my.scouting profile is likely because the council hasn’t rechartered yet. Although our council hasn’t rechartered the MBCs yet (at least my MBC registration is listed as expired on 12/31/21), I still appear in the Scoutbook listing. Not sure if that’s the bug, or the fact that y’all are missing is the bug. :^)

I’d reach out to the relevant folks in your council to find out what the status is.

@ErikPlossl You had one scoutbook account from each council. I merged them for you.

I am having an issue with Scout Book as well. I apparently had 2 accounts one for my Troop ASM Position ( 12124372) and a separate one for my Den Leader Position with the Cubscouts (14099197). I recently made the 12124372 my primary account and for whatever reason I lost all access to my CubScout Pack. Is there any way to add the 14099197 account back into my profile? I have tried it numerous times but receive the error message that this is not a recgonized user accout. Or even better please just merge both accounts together into the 12124372 account. Thanks Doug

@DouglasKoons You will need to contact your local council, because the dates of birth do not match. Also, your ASM and Den Leader registrations should be under the same BSA member number (because it’s the same council).