My Current Positions & Roles

When I click on my current positions and roles it won’t advance to the next page where I can edit the dates. I need to remove 3 Unit Commissioner positions and add 3 new unit commissioner positions.

@LindseyRowe - had you added those positions? I just looked at my unit positions in my account and clicking on all of them brought me to the date page. Are you doing this on a pc or mobile device and what browser

@LindseyRowe a UC cannot add themself to a unit in Scoutbook - it would have to be admin approved by unit

If I’m understanding right you see the list of current positions, but clicking one of them does nothing? Or does it spin endlessly? Give you a white screen? Something else?

Have you tried clicking any of your other positions to see what happens (assuming you have others)?

I had added them myself in the past and I would like to remove them or at least add an end date to the ones that are listed. Then I can worry about adding the new ones later.

Correct, I see the list of current positions on the top and past positions on the bottom, when I click on them it does nothing. No spinning, no white screen. It does not take me to the date page as it had in the past.

Also, I am using a laptop, google chrome. (Chromebook) But when I try on my work computer using Microsoft Edge it does the same thing.

Do you have positions other than the UC positions? Are they clickable?

@LindseyRowe - i wonder if trying an incognito session would work.

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All my current positions are UC. There are past positions as Committee member and the same thing happens when I click on them, nothing.

@LindseyRowe - try an incognito window and see if that helps.

I don’t know what that means.


Well, going incognito did not work either.


Have you tried a different device?

I’ve tried multiple devices and multiple web browsers.

Are you trying to accomplish this in your My Account area or from the Unit Roster?

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My Account. I don’t think I have access to the Unit Roster, and I don’t think I am listed on their roster.

@LindseyRowe I have time now for a screenshare to at least see it as it is hard to replicate if you have time

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