Accidently deleted a council synced position

I somehow managed to delete my recently added position to a new unit. Will the nightly sync with council records restore this position to my profile, or will I need to contact a helpdesk to figure this out?

Does the unit already have an Admin (other than you)? If so, you can add your position back, make sure that you check the box next to “I agree to join the unit leader roster”, and update. Then have a unit Admin approve your position.

I will have to try. The unit does not use Scoutbook. The key three are admins, but none have ever signed in. My first action was to convince one to sign in to make me an admin.

I have used Scoutbook for years in Cubs and Troops. I never want to go back to another method.

Unfortunately, our units are disbanding at the end of the year (we are LDS units), so there is little incentive for them to take up a “new” system of tracking advancement.

When you go to My Account → My Positions is the position actually gone? Or was it just disapproved somehow?

If you can get one of the Key 3 to log in and approve your position again, that would be ideal.

The position appears to have disapproved. I managed to get the COR to login, but he created a new profile for me instead of approving my existing position. Now that he is signed in, I can show him what needs done and hopefully get this fixed.

Thank you for your feedback.