As UC I'm getting deleted from one of my units

BSA ID 12822491
Until yesterday (maybe this morning), I was on Pack 143 (Atlanta Area Council) Scoutbook as I’m their Unit Commissioner. I like to use it to see the roster and monitor advancement.
Sometime in the past 24 hours, I was removed from their roster, and they don’t show up on my dashboard anymore.
I’ll note that I’m also UC for Pack 1143 as I’m their Unit Commissioner as well. They still show up on my dashboard.

In Scoutbook → My Dashboard → My Account → My Positions → Past Scouting Positions, does anything appear in the notes for the position that was ended?

@SteveFerguson - guess what… you are not a unit member

I see what happened. They added me as a Tiger Den leader, not as unit commissioner.

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If that were actually true, then “Unit Commissioner” should not be a leader position in Scoutbook and my unit commissioner wouldn’t be on my Unit roster as a leader.

One of their unit admins will have to fix that obviously, but at least it’s an easy fix.

Technically, @Stephen_Hornak is correct that it’s not a unit position. Part of the reason the interface works through the unit admin is that (historically), there was no centralized position management in Scoutbook above the unit level. Non-unit positions are (slowly) migrating to council-level management. MBCs transitioned some time ago, and I believe that NOVA counselors recently made the jump as well.

I suspect that UCs may be a bit more of an issue, since assignment to a particular unit isn’t an issue that’s germane for the other two roles, but assigning/moving UCs to and among units could easily prove burdensome for council admins, given how many might require frequent updates for reassignments.

Right now adding UCs is up to the unit admin. Council admin already assigns UCs to specific units, so it’s a field in a database someplace. I can login to and see the units assigned to me as UC. I’m sure it’s more complicated than what I see on my end, but If Scoutbook pulls from, I would think automating UCs to Scoutbook Rosters should be relatively easy since it’s a field in a database that’s already being populated/managed.

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Very cool. I didn’t realize that it was actually being managed at the my.scouting end. That does make automation sound more “Dilbert easy” than I had obviously anticipated. It might be closer on the list than I thought!

UCs are not a unit position - so Member Update does not bring them into scoutbook

Not a unit position where? It’s a leader position option in Scoutbook. It doesn’t show up on unit roster in It does show up in that I’m the assigned UC for specific units.

Currently, right? From the outside, it seems similar to pushing the MBC or NOVA counselor roles out to individuals. Is there a behind-the-curtain technical reason (other than time and money) that the UC couldn’t be pushed to the units? Again, I recognize that I’m talking about this being “Dilbert Easy”, because it’s not me coding it. I’m just curious more than anything else.

@SteveFerguson sorry you are confused - UC is just like MBC, or District At Large - it is a Council Position not a unit position - what is an available option in Scoutbook is for units convenience

Some Units/Districts/Councils do not want UCs to have SB access is simple answer @CharleyHamilton

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Interesting. Thanks for indulging my curiosity.

I understand that it’s a council position, but my assignment to specific Units as their UC exists in So it might not be on the unit roster, but the datapoint exists.

I’m surprised some councils don’t want UCs to have unit access to Scoutbook. It makes the information flow more reliable.

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