My RSVPS (in Bulk)

I’d like an option to view all of my RSVPs.


Or top labels…

Just an agenda list of the events with the RSVP out the side of me and my kid in the unit. If you can connect my spouse also, even better. That way you have a simple view of all of them. It could even go on the dashboard for all of your “Maybe” ones to urge people to manage to zero.

It’s especially frustrating to go through them all when you can’t open each event in a new window and you have to backtrack to the list, starting at “this month” and find where you left off. That also could use some improving. Just being able to open it in a new window would be great. You could open them all at once. No single view, but still a LOT fewer clicks to get the same work done.

If I could ask for a small improvement, this would be my first one. :frowning: So frustrating.

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Separately, RSVPs as they exist right now are useless for family packs, since other kids and family are likely to attend. This seems especially true for major (food) events that need RSVP. Having the flexibility to allow for that to get a true head count would allow us to use SB RSVPs.

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