Calendar Views

Other than just being able to see upcoming events, the single most important use case in the calendar is parents RSVPing for events for their family.

This needs to be as easy as possible. It needs to be intuitive and have minimal mouse clicks.

There may be other ways to accomplish this, but one that came to mind was to add another calendar view type: Month, Week, Grid, List , RSVP

The RSVP view would be optimized for RSVPing for upcoming events.

  • It should only show events that need an RSVP.
  • It should provide an easy way to filter out events for which they have already RSVP’d.
  • It should show very clearly what all family member’s RSVP status is.
  • It should allow them to update the RSVP status for each family member with minimal mouse clicks.
  • RSVP links from reminder emails should take them to this view.

Alternatively, the existing views can be enhanced to show RSVP status and provide the ability to update that status. Both the viewing and updating should be with minimal mouse clicks.

I like this idea. I have passed it along to the developers. Of course, I do not know when or if they will choose to do this.

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