My.Scouting account linked to wrong BSA Member ID

I have a Merit Badge Counselor whose My.Scouting account is linked to a “merged/deleted” BSA MID. When I try to change the Member ID to the correct one, I get a “Member is in a different Council” error.

I may have caused this when I was merging their duplicate BSA MID into their Surviving BSA MID. I did that before changing the link from My.Scouting account to their surviving BSA MID. Now when I try to change the Member ID, I get a “User belongs to a different council” error message.

Can you please undo my error and link their My.Scouting account (10413335) to their correct BSA MID (12861186)?
The old BSA MID (137280339) was merged into the 12861186 MID.

Pertinant Info:
Surviving BSA MID: 12861186
Old BSA MID: 137280339 - This was merged into the above BSA MID.
My.Scouting AID: 10413335
ScoutBook UID: 9009584

Thanks for your help.

What tool did you use for this - I have never seen it quite like this - I think it is fixed for them


I merged the ScoutNet Accounts using the ScoutNet → System Administration → Person Merge tool. I have ScoutNet registrar access to ScoutNet as I assist the council registrar.

My mistake was to merge the two ScoutNet MID’s before changed the link in their My.Scouting account to the correct/surviving account.

Thanks for clearing this up for us.


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