Member ID link from ScoutBook to ScoutNet changed to wrong number

We currently have 6 counselors with recuring errors whenever I upload the MBC List to ScoutBook.

We had several instances where counselors that had been successfully uploaded to ScoutBook many times,
suddenly start reporting errors. The majority of the time, the error reported is either
“BSA Member ID does not exist in Scoutbook.” or
“BSA Member ID does not have an active MBC position.”
When I look at the ScoutBook entries for those counselors, the ScoutNet Member ID to which those records
are linked has been changed. When they were added as counselors, ScoutBook linked to their correct
ScoutNet Member ID. But somehow that linkage gets changed in ScoutBook and they are then linked to
a different Member ID. Because the ScoutBook copy of the Member ID is changed, when I upload the
Merit Badge Counselor list for our Council, ScoutBook flags rejects these counselors with errors.
The Member ID in the upload is the Member ID on their Counselor registration in ScoutNet.

Question: How and why is ScoutBook changing the BSA Member ID for these counselors?
Is it something that the user (counselor) is doing that causes this?
If so, what are they doing that causes the Member ID link to be changed?
And what do I tell them to do to correct the problem?
Is there anything I can do for them to correct the problem?
If it is not something the user can fix, then how do we resolve this problem?

I have details about the 6 counselor records that are currently experiencing this problem that
I can forward.


I have sent you a private message so we can collect more information. Please click on your picture in the upper right corner of the forum window.

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