My.scouting invitation link not working

When prospective members try to sign up for our troop using the invitation link there is a message that states Registration not available. We are sorry, online registration for this unit is not available at this time. Please contact a unit leader.

Unit 4052, Lander WY. I am the Scoutmaster and our unit pin is up to date.


Sounds like you are in the middle of recharter - it freezes registrations


Your recharter is listed as on hold with a payment type of Manual Pay. You may want to have your Committee Chair contact your Council to find out what is causing the on hold status. It could be the Council has not received payment, the YPT of one or more required leaders has expired, or some other defect. It could also be the Council is behind on processing recharters and has not gotten to your’s.

I have expanded a bit about the recharter status. On Hold does not mean something is wrong with the recharter. It does mean the council has not approved it - probably just a matter of time. Sometimes, the council needs the unit to fix an issue before they can approve it.

The “On Hold” recharter status is what happens when the unit has finished massaging their roster and has the Key 3 approve it. Manual Pay seems to be the preferred payment method. The recharter is now waiting for council to review and approve. The council must now touch the recharter - either approve or find a defect and communicate to the unit their next step. If the unit chose manual payment and has delivered payment to the council, the council has to touch the recharter to log the payment. This seems to happen at the same time the council approves the recharter, as any last minute changes could change the amount due.

Bottom line - your unit Committee Chair can reach out to your council, but until the council actually examines your recharter, they won’t know if there are any defects.

As an example, below I have detailed the status of the 37 units in my district. 1 was Pre Posted before January 01 and 1 was posted (their timeline is Sep-Aug). As you can see, most are waiting for council to touch them.

  • Not started = 4 These units are dropping.
  • Initiated = 2 These units are waiting for their Chartered Organization to install a new director who will then signoff on the recharter.
  • Locked = none This status is when the roster is set and Key 3 approval and/or payment is pending
  • Waiting = none About the same as Locked, but a bit further along in the process
  • On Hold Council Review = 26 units
  • Pre Posted = none Some units land here at the end of the day before they post overnight.
  • Posted = 5

Thanks for the reply. Payment was dropped off in person weeks ago and everyone is up to date on YPT. I would love to follow up with council if only they would ever answer their phone.

Ronald L. Phillips, USAF Ret

Thanks for the expansion and quick reply. I have been trying to contact council for two days.

I understand the re-charter process. I have been involved in leadership at local and council levels for coming up on 13 years. Just venting here, but if someone at council would actually answer their phones or return calls that would be great. We get zero support from council or district here. Bottom line, any key 3 member can reach out regarding troop issues. I am one of only 2 trained leaders in a struggling troop that I am trying to expand. We just appointed a brand new committee chair who is not versed in these issues or has much if any experience in scouting. Until she gets trained I have been filling multiple roles and helping her to get the knowledge and training she needs to move forward.

Ronald L. Phillips, USAF Ret

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your efforts to keep scouting going in Lander.

Adventure West Council is having a staff planning conference this week, Tue-Thu, so many folks are unavailable. Both Casper and Greeley offices are closed - the only two places with answers for most questions. I expect Casper will answer their phone tomorrow, Friday. As you probably know, Greeley is closed Fridays. All offices will be closed Monday to observe MLK Day.

These details were in the AWC monthly newsletter, sent Jan. 04. If you don’t receive it, please contact Melissa in Casper. :slight_smile:

Doug Wright, fellow AWC scouter in Fort Collins.

How can I change my email address for my.scouting and these thread responses?

Ronald L. Phillips, USAF Ret

Thanks for the info. I don’t receive the newsletter and I have requested multiple times to be added to any and all distro lists.

Ronald L. Phillips, USAF Ret

You can edit your contact information at my.scouting under “My Profile”, including email address, etc. I’m not sure if that will propagate to the forums, though.

You might not want to post your contact info here, though, as it’s public and world-readable.


Forum e-mail can only be changed by an SUAC member. I’ll send you a private message to get the desired e-mail from you. Click on your photo in the upper right of the forum window when you see the green envelope on top of it.

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Ronald L. Phillips, USAF Ret