Online Application Link Disappeared

Our online application link is gone. In our Unit Pin, “Allow People to Apply Online” is checked and the blue Apply Now button appears in the preview, but for some reason it’s suddenly not showing up on the listing. Nobody in our pack has made changes, it just disappeared.

The link that we send to prospects in our recruiting emails is also broken: (We need this exact same link to be reinstated because we’ve got hundreds of business cards and postcards already printed with a QR code that directs there).

We are “Pack 0536 Frank Love Shelton View Parents For Scouts” in the Mount Baker Council (#606).

Link to the broken listing:

— Kathryn


@KathrynAlva I think the issue might be because your council has not yet processed your recharter yet.

Please contact your local council for assistance.

Thanks! We submitted our recharter a month ago. …Wonder what the hold up is? This is a really bad time of year for them to cause these kinds of delays in registration. We did our part by submitting on time despite the recharter coinciding with the busiest/least convenient time of year, and my expectation is that they would also do their part by processing it in a timely manner. Having our online registration down for a whole month during registration season is quite honestly unacceptable. If there’s no good excuse for why they waited over a month to process our recharter, we will not be submitting our recharter until after recruiting season going forward.

They don’t process it until it expires AT THE FASTEST.

So, ours auto posted last year on like 1/3/22. The rest? You could be looking at mid to late February into March. It all depends on your council staffing and issues they have with other charters. Not kidding.

@KathrynAlva - as much as i understand your frustration the recharter submission date is a hard fast date. No exceptions. Failure to submit by this date means that the unit no longer exists and is suspended from any scouting activities period and i am certain that your council directions will note that.

I learned my lesson a season or 2 ago. I get everything ready: all YPT, all CBCs, etc etc. 100% ready to go. Then execute 1st week in December.

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@KathrynAlva - i would agree with @Matt.Johnson on hus assessment. There is hopefully a recharter time-line published by your council and if so following that will bring you to your submission date with few loose ends.

I am down to 1 YPT out of 3 units and maybe 40 adults. We are close to knowing all Cubs and scouts who will continue. I will still wait to first week in December.

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Our recharter was due October 14th. We had a huge leadership turnover last year with only two leaders left to figure out how to keep the pack afloat. Our pack was 75% Webelos. I worked my tail off to recruit new younger members, hoping that we could get some parents to lead and form some kind of succession plan amongst them. I actually more than doubled our pack size – but of course new parents are reluctant to step into a position in the first month of joining, especially since that’s when we also have popcorn fundraising. It’s A LOT for new families to take on, and it’s A LOT for a pack to manage at the beginning of the scout/school year. I kind of had to beg to get enough adult leaders on paper to make it through our recharter. It felt rushed, and it didn’t feel great.

Then the kicker… I just reached out to the council to find out why they haven’t processed the recharter yet and they told me that they did not even begin to process them until November 1st. They did nothing with them between October 14th and November 1st. I could have REALLY used those two extra weeks. I find it a little unacceptable that they moved our recharter to October (used to be Jan 1st) and put us through the wringer… then sat back and did nothing for two weeks. Meanwhile, our online registration has been down this whole time.

Would you be upset?

I even reached out to our council expressing my concerns that we will have to dissolve our pack if we can’t get enough new parents to step up in the first few weeks, and they basically told me everyone is in the same boat and we just had to figure it out. I managed to get a few AOL parents to register, which helped us out on paper but doesn’t do much for next year. My plan is if we can really engage the younger dens, then hopefully those parents will have a willingness to be the custodians of the pack after I’m gone. But at no point did the council tell me that they weren’t going to begin processing recharters until after November 1st. :frowning:

The BSA systems do not allow recharters to be processed until after the expiration of the current charter. Many councils request them early so that they can check them for defects and prepare them for processing on the earliest possible date.

It could be that when your council said they don’t do anything with them until Nov 1 they really mean they can’t post the charter until after Nov 1 but they have actually examine them for issues as they arrive.