Update: Recharter Grace Period Ended Last Night : Scoutbook showing No Data this morning

Anyone else having this issue? My Scout is now showing at 0% completion of anything and our Troop shows 0 members in each patrol. What is going on?

@AaronOwenby I think I found you but it is a different name - what is your BSA #?

I am having the same issue. All of my scouts have disappeared. Donovan, should I direct message you my ID, or post it here in the forum?

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Recharter issue?

Just post it @PaulKuczmierczyk

and I don’t know why I show up as AaronOwenby… I think that’s a bug with this system. I’m Michele

@AaronOwenby yep - unit fell out of the grace period - and advancements in SB are based on membership - so they are hidden for your Scout

My ID is 14546546

Thank you

@PaulKuczmierczyk yours is the same issue - your unit has not rechartered and the grace period ended

well, terrific. thanks for the quick response!

BSA Troop98 in Beloit, Kansas. We now have a Charter Organization Rep. But, cannot get into Recharter to upload documentation.

Are you working this with your Comissioner and/or DE?

When this happens, will advancements show up after the recharter is processed?

@AmandaFord1 Yes, the advancements are still there. They just do not show up, because the Scouts do not currently have a membership / registration.

Thank You. Very frustrating. Hopefully we can get everything figured out with recharter.

Im having the same issue. Entire troop is gone and my scout is at 0%. Recharter was sent to council on time and has been “On Hold” since. This stinks since theres nothing I can do about it and my poor troop cant access any of their things or update any merit badges they are currently earning at MBC.


Contact your Council registrar to find out why your recharter is on hold and what needs to do in order to have it post. Typically a recharter is placed on hold due to an error in the provided information.

@MistyHamilton - beyond that if the unit is NOT RECHARTER all scouting activities must cease as there is no insurance coverage

I’m a UC and I find that “On Hold” regularly comes down to either non-compliant YPT or a financial discrepancy with your council. YPT must have an expiration date greater than 1/1/2024 for every adult included on charter paperwork, and if you happen to be in California they all have to be CA AB506 verified (training+LiveScan).

Buy your council registrar a coffee.

@MikeOravec - thank you… and i suggest way more than a coffee:-) personal note is that a good registrar is far more important than the do nothing 400k paid SE

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