Myscouting and scoutbook out of sync scouts missing local council not helping since January 2021

I have a user in with a member ID and in scoutbook the BSA member number is greyed out and blank I cannot edit it. Also I don’t know what the USERID in scout book is for? Is that the Member ID in myscouting or something else. This scout had been working fine not sure how this became messed up. Also I have a bunch of scouts that never showed up in myscouting from their pack when they transferred. I have tried to get help locally but is there someone I can speak with that manages myscouting and scoutbook to clear up my roster it is a mess. I really need to reconcile all the differences between myscounting and scoutbook. I have been trying for almost a year to get this resolved locally.

@ChristopherPrescott User ID is the Scoutbook unique identifier. If you post the BSA # and User ID of accounts that seem to not line up we can take a look at them

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