Scout not syncing with anymore

I have a Scout BSA ID 132337841 from Roster that is no longer syncing with his Scoutbook record. He is showing with all details and connections in Scoutbook, just no longer has a BSA ID in his edit profile. Can a SUAC please help? His SB user id is 7422500.

We recently transitioned to SB and I believe I had checked to make sure each Scout was syncing with the “(A)” symbol so not sure what happened.

It looks like his mom logged in 2 hours ago, so maybe she did something?

the Scouts MID got applied to MOM somehow - is mother registered?

Scout is fixed - has the MID back

Thank you Donovan. It looks like the mom is registered, connected and linked.

I also see she doesn’t have a BSA ID anymore listed with her Parent record.

I looked for a MID but did not find one

Donovan - Sorry to bother again, but the Parent is saying when she logs in she can’t get past My Dashboard. Can you DM me, so I can give you all Parent and Scout details to see if there are duplicates or emails shared causing problems? Thanks, Michael

ok I will send a direct message

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