Scoutbook Roster is not Syncing with My.Scouting

Good Morning,
Most our new scouts that we have registered this fall are still not showing up in Scoutbook. If I look at our roster in it appears to be complete/up to date. I ahev asked our council offfe staff and no one seems to know. Any thoughts from the bee hive??

@AndrewMueller ,

Post the BSA Member IDs of some of the missing Scouts (no names) and we will investigate.

Thanks Ed,

@AndrewMueller am looking at this

@AndrewMueller on 10/12/21 all of these Scouts were given new MIDs that where then deleted. ??? Not sure. but they are fixed and should be back to normal by 4pm CT

I have a similar issue where one of my scouts will cannot be added or does not sync to scout book ID 129166339

@JonathanFriedfertig is this the BSA member ID or the Scoutbook ID?

@JonathanFriedfertig this is an instance of the parent making a account but using the scouts info I believe - I have fixed the Scout - but I think it is best to reinvite the parent

that one looks good, i just had a transfer scout that came in today with the same issue, think you can correct that one as well, 132265402

@JonathanFriedfertig this scout looks fine - if they are not syncing go to membership of Scout > click current membership> unapprove> save > then reapprove

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