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Need an easy to generate Cyber Chip status report

I would like to generate a report that gives me a list of the scouts in our troop with their current Cyber Chip status (expired or if not expired, when it will expire). Is there a way to generate this report in Scoutbook?

Thanks in advance!

From SB, you can use the reports builder manager to create a custom report showing the cyber chip award, and be sure to add the show date option (near bottom of the builder screen. This will tell you when the chip was earned or updated (renewed). There are 2 levels of chips, so add a check Mark for both.

As a SM this is not an Adult job - it is the Scouts job to handle

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@DonovanMcNeil I disagree under certain circumstances. Adults have responsibility to ensure scouts are safe. If the troop has deemed that one way to keep scouts safe is not letting them use electronics unless they have an active Cyber Chip, the adults needs to be able to confirm this.

I agree with @jacobfetzer. Especially right now, when we are continuing to meet virtually due to the pandemic, I think it is the adult leaders’ responsibility to confirm that everyone has their active Cyber Chip. (Yes, for an individual scout, it is his/her responsibility.)

That said, the report that @CharlesCollings helped me find is OK, but not ideal. It would be great if you could quickly see which Cyber Chips are expired – the report with dates on it require you to scan and find the ones with dates that are over a year old. We have 65 scouts and I’d rather not scan through that many dates. Since Cyber Chip expires in one year, it would make sense for the report to highlight in some ways the dates that are older than one year.

You can export any report made by Report Builder to a csv then use Excel or Google Sheets to filter by date.

Is there a way to transpose the reports in Report Builder? (i.e. show scouts as the rows instead of as the columns)

If you export them to Excel, you can use the Paste Special function to transpose them:


So I take it there isn’t a way to do the transpose in the Report Builder?

I know that I can manipulate data in other programs, but a feature called Report Builder seems like it should have more capability than this feature appears to have.

Just as an alternate, if you don’t mind building reports in a spreadsheet… use the advancements export tool from SB to CSV file and then filter to show only the cyber chips. An excel pivot table would let you make a column of names and column of dates.

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A pivot option for Report Builder is in development.


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