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Cyber Chip Reports in Report Builder

This topic was moved from the Cub Scout Program forum, because it is a new feature request.

I’d love to see a quick report that I could build across the pack to show who has earned the cyber chip award patch (with the initial earn date) and is now eligible to receive the recharge pin (with the last earned cyber chip date). We have cubs come and go at all levels, and each den could have a new scout or two every year, so rank or den is not an absolute predictor of those who the advancement chair should buy the patch versus the pin for. We also switch advancement chair about every 18 months, so the new chair doesn’t always know who the new scouts are by memory to know that they couldn’t have gotten a patch already. Before I became chair, my cub received 3 of these patches/cards (and no pins) just because that’s how the workflow for approval to purchase order works.

It would be great to not have to go in to each scout’s advancement page every time cyber chip is added to the purchase order to figure out what exactly should be purchased for that scout. Is a purchase distinction or possible solo item checkmark for the report builder in the works for this?

There is an item in development to add awards to Report Builder, but I don’t think that would actually get what you need. In addition, you need the pins to be tracked, too. The issue is that it gets tricky trying to track the Cyber Chip as a patch/pin and a requirement for Cub Scout ranks.

Even if I could select, say, only rank requirement 3b (plus item award date) within the report builder for all cubs, I could get where I need to be without having to check each individual scout advancement page. Right now I can only select adventures x rank or overall rank with all requirements shown (which gets cumbersome when you select all ranks to do all scouts quickly). I’d love to run a report for requirement 3b only.

As Jacob said, they are working on adding awards (such as the Cyber Chip) to Report Builder.

In order to be able to track the patch vs. the pin, the Cyber Recharge pin needs to be added. We have requested that it be added, but we do not know when it will be worked on.

In the meantime, you can have a Pack Admin use the Export / Backup -> Scout Advancement feature to see which Scouts have earned it and the date. You would have to filter based on the Cyber Chip award.